Saturday, January 30, 2010

life without my darling-day 109

Day 109.

Of course. Life goes on. I wanna thank A friend for helping me alot. :D she is a very good person..
Hope to stay friends for long. :D

Monday, January 25, 2010

life without my darling-day 104

day 104-
i know one friend,

Damn lames
Damn bo liao
Damn BHB 1.

But she sing quite good lehz.

Okay la
according to the above post. i'm quite okay le
but this morning when u smsed me
u told me some crap again,
make me thought things over.
u do what u think is right ba.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

life without my darling-day 103

Day 103, reach century of days le ba. i still miss u alot leh..
but i'm quite okay le.
hope u are okay,

i dun wan to blame u anymore le
i blame myself suay.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

98days without my love.

Its been few months since i posted this eh.
Yesterday, i told myself not to sms u, yet u called me, crying,
devastated =me.
my heart soften.

don't call me le la.
i will hurt me even more.
you dun love me le.
why still sms me.
get on without me

stop hurting me.
its the best way since u don't want me

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

life without my darling-day 20

No point writing this anymore.
She, won't even care bout me
i'm so disturbing her
she will not miss me
only i'm missing her

U can choose to love, or not to love me,
i can only choose to love, or love more.
u dun think its unfair?
what can i do?

I dun wan to disturb your life anymore.
You won't miss me the way i miss you.
My heart hurts not to sms you.
not to see you
you felt the opposite,
maybe i should just let u stay happy.
let me just suffer.
You won't care.

My Life without you.
will never ever be complete.

Monday, November 2, 2009

life without my darling-day 19

Haix. Life is unfair..
we aren't meant to break at all.
we are suppose to do things together, solve problems.
Is it too late?
to tell u now?

Never will i be cherished.
never will i be important.
what can i do?
i'm useless
thats confirmed.
telling u don't love me seems like very easy to you.
to me,
its like shit.
everything u believe in becomes shit.
u don't understand me at all. what can i do?

So why must i keep holding on,
asking you to be with me
stay with me
"i love you"
its useless
U just do this to me straight away.

Once u said
"even if i don't love you, i will be with you"
Once u said
"i will love you forever"
NONE of your reasons fits with what u said.
Thats how bad things is.
But who cares?
I think all became my fault. haix.

To think about this shit.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

life without my darling-day 19

This few days, too tired to care about anything.
even too tired to on my comp.
i worry for your results man.
cause i didn't cause ur bad results.
u were the lazy one.
i offered to help.
you rejected my help time and time again
now your results is bad.
we have to break up.
thats even worse.
why is world so unfair to me.
Why Can't Anyone Appreciate me.
i'm so sad.